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Single Plane Golf University Training Program


The Art & Science of the Single Plane Swing

Jerry D. Martin
Master Golf Teaching Professional
Master Golf Club Fitter



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Below is an outline of my Single Plane Golf University Membership Program.  I felt that the only way to really grow this game called Golf is to offer a complete Curriculum, designed to take you step by step through the Single Plane Swing. The goal is for you to learn every aspect of the Single Plane Swing.  Each week you will be given the tools necessary to enhance your golfing experience.  You will find this is the best way to really have a working knowledge of how the Single Plane Swing System is the easiest way to hit a golf ball and to play.

Single Plane Golf University Membership Program

Cost - $99.00 per year, per player

This Ongoing Course Includes

  • A Training Manual complete with each week's information

  • Weekly Saturday Sessions sent by e-mail

  • Video sessions to reinforce the Single Plane Swing

Membership Benefits

  • 10% Discount on Private Lessons 

  • 10% Discount on all Clinics or Schools

  • Swing evaluation from videos sent to me by you

  • ​Available for golf swing questions either by phone, text or e-mail

  • Weekly video lessons available to you online

  • 10% discount on Henry-Griffitts Golf Clubs - Custom Fitted for your Swing

Evaluations and Goal Setting

  • Phone consultations to evaluate your progress 

  • Written goal charts to improve your play and scores

  • Charting different aspects of your golf rounds

    • Overall score​

    • Handicap improvement

    • Putts per round

    • Greens in regulation

    • Eliminating "blow up" holes

    • Weekly and monthly charting

    • Keeping track of Birdies, Pars, Bogeys and "Others"

Success Stories

It is always exciting to hear about everyone's success stories on how they are improving.  So we all want to hear what good things are happening for you.  Just send me your story and I will send it out to the membership.


Golf Resort Destination Training Sessions

  • Locations

    • Desert Willow Golf Resort, Palm Desert, Ca. - November

    • Bailey Creek Golf Course, Lake Almanor, Ca. - July

  • Two Day Instructional Training Sessions - Includes

    • Lunch​ each day

    • Morning Instructional Classroom Session - 2 hours

    • Personal Practice Range Session with Instruction - 1 hour

    • Tee it Up in the afternoon for fun Golf Tournament

      • First Day - 2 Player Team Best Ball ​

      • Second Day - 2 Player Scramble

The cost for the Golf Resort Destination Training Sessions will be an additional $699.00 per player which includes the following:

  • Welcome Party

  • Lunch each day

  • Classroom and Range Instruction

  • Range Balls

  • Tee Times

  • Shared Golf Cart

  • End of Training Session Reception

Your success and improvement is a 50/50 proposition, however you must Show Up to Improve!


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